The beers of Vietnam

Southeast Asians love beer just as much as the next guy. Our love of brewing dates back to Vietnam’s colonial era when colonists from France and Europe brought their love of beer to the South Pacific. Since then our region has developed a whole codex of magnificent beers perfect for busting up the tropical heat – and Atlanta’s heat too. ????

At Việtvana we are proud to showcase our selection of some of the best beers from our region. There’s Sai Gon’s namesake Euro Pale Lager, which pours as clear and golden as a Vietnamese sunset in your glass. Its crisp lemongrass aromatics are delightfully refreshing on any warm day. We also have the perfectly balanced Beer Lao, which was launched in 1973 and is dangerously easy to drink. 

Looking for a taste of Singapore? Look no further than Tiger beer. The confluence of Asian, Indian, and British culture in the tropical island of Singapore made for the perfect brewing environment for a beer as brazen as the animal it’s named for. It’s a full-bodied premium beer and a complete joy to drink. Singha and Chang both hail from Thailand and are delightfully pleasant and light on the palate – you’re bound to feel like you’re shooting the breeze on the beaches of Pa Tong. Sapporo and Asahi are known the world over for being a perfect compliment to the briny, umami-laden flavors of Japan, which makes them compliment beautifully with our seafood specialties as well. Last  but not least we’ve got Tsingtao from China, a classic lager that is sharp and clear and deliciously craveable.

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