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Vietvana french style illustration of pho noodles

We absolutely love the food and culture of Vietnam. It’s not enough to simply say that. We believe that everyone should learn the deeper meaning and craft behind every bite of food from our kitchen. This is a place where we aim to deliver that intriguing information for you to twist around and slurp up!

Duluth, Georgia Opening October 16th

We are so pleased to announce that our Việtvana family is growing! On October 16, we invite you to celebrate the grand opening of our third restaurant, located at 2550 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite 408, Duluth, GA 30095. We could not create the dishes we love without the support of our loyal customers and guests, and as a wholehearted thank you, we would like to offer FREE BBQ pork bánh mìs to the first 50

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Phở: it’s a process

For some, Phở is a highly anticipated, borderline rapturous dish to devour. For others, it’s 100% pure comfort food. For the husband and wife duo

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free Thai tea

*One free Thai tea at our Midtown location from January 18 – 24, redeemable with a $5 minimum purchase, one person, per day
848 Spring St NW Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30308