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Vietvana french style illustration of pho noodles

We absolutely love the food and culture of Vietnam. It’s not enough to simply say that. We believe that everyone should learn the deeper meaning and craft behind every bite of food from our kitchen. This is a place where we aim to deliver that intriguing information for you to twist around and slurp up!

fresh pho noodles made in house at Vietvana in Atlanta

The history of phở

To us, and to many of us from Vietnam, the beauty of a piping hot bowl of phở isn’t just in the restoration we find in its nutritive marrow broth, or the incredible flavors we experience in each and every slurp. To us, phở is a stunning portrait of Vietnam. When you think about the centuries of recipe development and history of our ancestors that is poured into each and every bowl, the flavors gain

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Phở: it’s a process

For some, Phở is a highly anticipated, borderline rapturous dish to devour. For others, it’s 100% pure comfort food. For the husband and wife duo

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