Bring on the Bún: A celebration of everything we love about traditional Vietnamese food

What’s a Vietnamese dish that’s as deliciously slurpable as phở, has the perfected charred flavor of Bánh mì, and a tangy, refreshing flavor all of its own? Bún! It’s the dish that President Obama infamously devoured with Anthony Bourdain in Hanoi and the dish that Vietnamese food writer Vu Bang described as “addictive” when he visited that same city back in 1959. 

To us, bún is a celebration of everything we love about traditional Vietnamese food and flavors. Every sense is engaged with a hearty bowl of bún. First there’s the anticipation that arises from the fragrances of fresh mint, basil, and other sweet green herbs mixing on the air with the aromatics of perfectly charred meat, and umami-laden nước chấm sauce. With all of that, there’s no question that each dish of bún is full of flavor, but then there’s the textural interplay between the tenderness of the house-made rice noodles, the crispness of fresh carrots, cucumbers, and radishes, the crunch of crushed peanuts and the chewiness of our generous portions of meat. 

We have a wide array of bún options to choose from on our menu – so whether you’re craving something lighter like shrimp, tofu, or lemongrass chicken, or a hearty serving of beef, pork, or a combination of any of the above, there’s a bowl of bún you’re destined to dive into here.

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