The brilliant Bánh mì: a treasured moment

Feasting on a freshly made Bánh mì is a treasured moment to us. At home in Vietnam, the French Baguettes are a little fluffier than what you’d find on the streets of Paris because we add a bit of rice flour to the mix. That little bit of flour makes such a world of difference! Your average baguette is transformed into a fluffier, lighter textured bread that soaks up all of the flavors of your sandwich like a sponge. It was important for us to allow our customers to experience that magic for themselves, which is why we’ve collaborated with a local French bakery to develop our baguettes, especially for our sandwiches.  

We’ve got a wide variety of Bánh mì on our menu — everything from Roasted Pork to Lemongrass Chicken to Housemade Paté and everything in between. They’ve all got their own signature flavors, but the quality of those flavors is consistent. We love the melange of tangy, bright textures from the fresh veggies like daikon radishes, carrots and cilantro. We crave the sweet spice of our Maggi sauce and the buttery, fatty goodness of the mayo — they compliment each other spectacularly. 

Well, one thing is clear — we could go on and on. Why not just come in and try for yourself?

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