At Vietvana in Avondale Estates, expect handmade pho noodles and banh mi bread

Dinh Tran and Khanh Dang, of Khanh Vietnamese Pho & Sandwich in Duluth, will open their new restaurant on August 16

By Carly Cooper
Vietvana, a modern Vietnamese restaurant serving pho and banh mi, is opening at 2831 East College Avenue in Avondale Estates on August 16. Everything from the pho noodles to the banh mi bread to the meatballs will be made in-house, creating the type of fresh dishes that owners Dinh Tran and Khanh Dang say they miss from their home in Vietnam.

“In America, the pho is semi dry. It has more starch and preservatives. When you put it into beef broth, it slowly dissolves and changes the flavor of the broth,” Tran says. “In Vietnam, the pho is rice flour and water. It does not interact with the broth and tastes cleaner.”

Note: Midtown Temporarily Closed for Renovations