Started in Sài Gòn.
Simmered in our kitchen.

Tràn đầy tinh tuý Sài Gòn. Chế tác trong lòng bếp của chúng tôi.

Open for delivery and order ahead/pickup only

fresh pho noodles made in house at Vietvana in Atlanta

Fresh phở, made in-house

What makes pho truly authentic isn't just the broth. It's the noodles themselves. All around America, pre-packaged noodles are used in delicious pho. Fresh, homemade noodles noticeably improve the flavor. We wanted to taste the pho we grew up with in Sai Gon, so we created Vietvana with our passion for authentic Vietnamese food: pho with noodles made in-house and banh-mi baked on-premise. It’s our way of bringing a taste of our country to our new home in Georgia.

Vietvana - fresh pho noodle soup in Atlanta

Authentic Vietnamese Delicacies in Atlanta

We love Vietnamese food. It's what we were raised on. We bring that love and passion to every dish at Vietvana.